New JGI Credit Product: Education Loan

Thanks to JGI Credit, it has been possible to invest directly in the backbone of the Swiss economy since October 2015, with loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). New can now be invested exclusively and exclusively in the future of Switzerland. JGI Credit opens another loan product tailored to training.


Credit for the career

People who want to attend training to stay fit for careers and the job market are often between 20 and 28 years old. During this time, the first apartment was occupied and possibly traveled. However, a lot of money for the expensive training could not be saved. Obtaining scholarships or state support is very difficult, companies are less and less likely to pay the full or partial costs of training their staff, and relatives can not always help. This is where the new product Training Loan by JGI Credit comes in. This, in collaboration with schools, enables the funding of full-time or part-time education by the crowd.


What is big difference with the existing private financing?

What is big difference with the existing private financing?

The big difference is that the training loans have fixed interest rates depending on the rating. This allows schools to present their students with concrete financing solutions, including actual costs. With the same rating, each student receives the same interest rate for the same term. Once the loan is 100% funded, the loan offer will be closed and processed promptly. This additionally allows a time saving. Accordingly, the formula “first come, first served” applies to the lenders. Anyone who has made a binding bid will definitely be awarded the contract. The interest rate does not sink further by auction. Another special feature is that the loan amount is paid directly to the school and not the borrower himself and thus used exclusively for the described training. For full-time education, at least one co-debtor (or two as an option) is still listed as an extended guarantee and security on the loan agreement.

Differences at a glance:

  • Fixed interest rates and no auction of interest
  • Interest rates are the same per rating (risk class) and term
  • “First come, first served” – the first bidder receives the bid
  • After 100% financing, the loan project will be processed immediately
  • Product only available through a training institute
  • Payment of the financing directly to the school
  • Solidary debtors (eg parents) additionally vouch for full-time training


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