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ABC is a Banking Correspondent and was founded in 2013 with the mission of giving access to Personal Credit in a simple and innovative way, as it makes the whole process 100% Online.

Since November 2015, ABC has partnered with Credit-Pao (the first and largest Online Credit Mall in Brazil)   and started offering through our website your 100% Online Personal Credit for the whole country , without the need to go to a store or bank branch to get the credit approved.


ABC Personal Credit at NAA Credit

ABC Personal Credit at NAA Credit

1) You fill out a registration form completely online. Start right here on Credit-Pao website and then you will be redirected to the ABC website (important to put all your real data as Simpic may ask you to confirm your registration)

2) Your credit will be reviewed instantly and, if approved, you will receive loan terms.

3) If you like the conditions, you can accept and sign the document online with a few clicks!

4) After your signature, there will be another confirmation phase, where you may be asked to send scanned copies of documents that prove your registration, such as CPF, Identity, Proof of Income and Proof of Residency.

5) If everything is correct, your loan will be released into your checking account *

* The time the credit is released in your bank account will depend on the processing the bank has to make

See how easy it is to simulate your personal credit? Enjoy and see the options available at no cost and without commitment!


ABC’s Interest rate


The interest rate charged on ABC’s personal credit product is 14.90% am (429.47% pa). ABC is committed to total transparency with its clients. Before starting to fill out a proposal, it will be clearly displayed: the interest rate used, applicable tariffs, taxes (IOF) and total cost of ownership (CET).

IMPORTANT: ABC does not charge any amounts directly from customers. If you receive an email or are contacted by someone impersonating ABC and charging any fees to close deals on our platform, please terminate the contact immediately and contact our service center because you may be the victim of a trial of fraud.


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